Sunday, November 29, 2020

Small Business Spotlight - The Beaufort Linen Company

Beaufort, NC (pronounced Bo Fort) and please don't confuse it with Beaufort, SC (Bu Furt) is heaven on earth and we've been going there my entire life.  A lot has changed there over the years, but the quaint historical area of the town is hard to duplicate.   Whenever we go there I always stop in at Beaufort Linen Company to pick up a few gifts.  The small business has great service, gift wrapping and quick mail delivery.  We should all strive to support these small businesses and this is a good one.  The website changes often and it duplicates most of what is in the store (unlike a lot of websites).  Here are some of my favorites and stock up on stocking stuffers and gifts for just about anyone on your list.

You can shop the site here

These napkins, well, they speak for themselves.....


Cutest ornament ever!

Love these cute stud earrings that come in several colors:

Love these seersucker tartan napkins, placemats and cocktail napkins. Or you can order all three.

Love these cocktail napkins:

Love this cute rag rug to use just about anywhere.

Love this throw and it also comes in blue:


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