Saturday, November 21, 2020

Saturday Musings

Again, another week flew by with a busy work schedule (my work has no idea there is a pandemic).  By the time the weekend gets here my "to do" list is huge.   And I never seem to get through it. But here are a few tidbits this morning. Enjoy!

Are these not the cutest pastel nutcrackers you've ever seen?   They will sell out for sure.

Or this cute sweater ornament?

There is nothing better than a Lanz nightgown on a cold winter night. These won't win any Vogue style awards but there is no substitute for Lanz. Love my collection!

These pads are back in stock at Lycette but won't be around for long. Any stitcher will love one (or two) of these in their stocking this Christmas.

While I am not looking to add another belt to my huge stash, hoping someone will take me up on this idea.  I love this belt (but it will be boring to stitch):

Stitch it a little wider than you might think you need to and then send it to Chuck Pinnell in Crozet, VA to finish. Add a rolled edge to it, in a fun color.  Thinking maybe kelly green, hot pink, even aqua.  It will be fabulous!  Here is a blue rolled edge:

I discovered Chewy this week and my horses will never be the same. Instead of ordering my feed from the local co-op and settling for what they have to offer (not a whole lot of options) I can finally give my horses the grains of choice.   Alfie is now on a low-starch KER feed and he loves it!  Free shipping and it came in two days. Try it!   I am sold!

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