Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Home Office Refresh Update

I wanted to give you an update on the home office refresh.  The project took a 360 degree turn in January and I changed the direction of the project.  The rugs I bought did not work and I ended up ordering rugs from Amazon.  The rugs I ordered were not really what I had planned but it worked in the end.  This is the chair I bought from Pottery Barn Teen. It looks really cute but it's not that comfortable but I'll learn to live with it.  Love the way it looks though.

I could not get the Clarence House fabric with the animals and it was probably too heavy anyway to make shades so I opted instead for this Schumacher fabric which I love. I have not had the energy to make a new shade yet but have all the tools I need to do it.  Hoping to do in the next few weeks before the weather breaks.

These are the rugs I bought from Amazon.  For the money it's a good find but I wanted wool and soft and these don't fit that bill but my cat Sophie does not claw these.  These rugs would be great in a beach house or well-traveled space. The 5 x7 is less than $125.  You can't beat that price and the quality is decent.

I'll take photos of the finished room once the shade is up but it is nice to have a refresh in a room I spend a lot of time in.  2021 has not been kind to my family, so the blogging has been infrequent.  Sorry for that.  Stay safe my friends!

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