Saturday, February 13, 2021

The Saturday List - February Version

If January brought us the blues, then February has brought the "mean reds" and if you are a Breakfast at Tiffany fan then you'll know what I am talking about.  Cold, snow, ice, sleet, rain and mud - they're all here in spades. But March IS around the corner, I think......

1) Current Read   Crossing to Safety  by Wallace Stegner

I have to admit that I am not doing so well in the reading category but here is another recommendation, a book I have read at least once in case you need a new book idea.  This is one of my favorite books.  Stegner is no longer with us but he taught many now famous writers how to write as a professor at Stanford.  This is not his most popular book but it's my favorite - the story of a friendship among college professors set in Wisconsin.  A great read and a very well-written book.

2) Currently Stitching 

Almost finished with this lovely canvas, yet another ornament to add to my growing completed 2021 stash to send to the finisher.  This is from Lycette.

3) Neflix Recommendation  Sweet Magnolias

I discovered this series almost by accident and started watching a few weeks ago.  Can you say binge-worthy?  I binged only to discover there is only one season.  I was stunned but the good news is another season has been ordered.  The show is based on a book series by Sherryl Woods. The first book is "Stealing Home" which came out in 2007.  Hubby won't like this show, strictly a chic flick series but if you have not watched, jump in!  Set in the South, it's the story of three old friends who live in the same small town and how life happens to them.  Enjoy!

4) Equine Product Recommendation Equiline Ash Breeches in Beige

This was a huge splurge for me, and totally worth it as these are by far the best fitting, most comfortable breeches I have ever worn.  Italian of course.  If you need a new pair then treat yourself.  These last forever and I've worn them three times in the past four weeks.  

5) Recipe Recommendation  Red Truck Bakery Country Ham Quiche 

I made this yesterday for dinner and wow, how good it is!  I used a local country ham, not a heavy thick one and ended up making two instead of one.  Note - this cook does not make her own crust, so a store-bought one works just fine.  

6) Whatever Else  Like everyone else it's hard to think that we'll return to a more formal type of dressing ever again.  So I am looking at new casual clothing - Nike sweats and tops, good socks, tennis and running shoes for everyday wear.  It's the new normal right even after the pandemic? Yep. Love this brand (they carry them at our local running store) but I have not tried them yet.  But will for sure.

 Stay safe and stay home!


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