Friday, February 26, 2021

Note to Self - What I am Loving Right Now

We all want to do things to make our lives easier, more enjoyable, more fashionable, more comfortable, right? 

1) No Wash Placemats - in my house we always dine with three things: linen or cloth napkins, a place mat and a real plate (no paper).  I discovered these place mats years ago and just ordered new black ones.  These are lined in felt, they look nice and you wipe them clean. No need to wash and iron these, ever.  I am learning not to love linen.  These come in many colors and you can also order them in round.  These look like a lizard finish. Very stylish and they are also inexpensive.  What's not to love?

2) Home Chef - When the pandemic set in I tried Home Chef through my employer.  I was skeptical at first but let me tell you how wonderful this service is.  We order almost every week, usually two dinners for the two of us and I can get three meals from those two.  You pick what you want every week and it arrives for us on Tuesday.  They change the menu items every week and for about $20 a meal, it's a great way to dine out without dining out.  There are many of these companies out there but after using them for about 10 months, I am still a happy customer.  The food is also very good!

3) Inexpensive Needlepoint - Stitching is an expensive hobby but Seaside Needlepoint has a lot of nice but older canvases 60 percent off.  I ordered one yesterday.  Go to their Instagram page and scroll down and there are many nice ones like some brick covers with bows on them. You can call the store directly to order.  

4) No More Ugly Candles - Life is too short for ugly candles.  Enough said.

Enjoy your Friday and hug your horse(s).


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