Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Just Do It - New Workout and Lounging Clothes

It's been difficult during a pandemic to push yourself to stay in shape and workout.  Living in the country makes this easier but it's still a push during these cold winter months.  Motivation is key and I always think having new workout clothing, a new playlist,or a new mentor helps make it all happen.  If Tom Brady does not motivate you to be the best you can be I don't know what can.

I've been looking at workout clothing lately - mostly Nike and Tory Burch, my favorite labels - but if we continue to work from home for another six to nine months (reality in my view) then we'll be wearing this stuff everyday anyway.  And I am loving the new tie-dye vibe. And I love the pastel colors in this great top for cold weather.

Love these pants to wear around the house, for an outside run on not too cold days.  

I live in this type of top and it's perfect for riding too, or running.

These are the perfect pandemic pant.  While I don't see myself running in these, to lounge around the house?  Fabulous.  And the reviews are stunning.  Like them also in black.

I love this shirt but I prefer fitted tops with a turtleneck or front zip.  

Think spring in these bright pink leggings:

Love these tops in this color as well:

Love these shorts for warmer weather.   Perfect for running, training, walking:

Love these fun tights as well:

Love this color for spring. It is coming!

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