Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday Tidbits

 This has been one of the more stressful weeks in recent memory.  Alfie, on stall rest for a pasture injury that occurred in early January foundered on Sunday.  If you are not familiar with the term founder, it is laminitis, an affliction of the laminae in the front feet. It is very painful to the horse and can cause death (through euthenasia) if the condition cannot be reversed or stopped so the hoof can heal.  Some horses are more prone (older horses, fat ponies, horses with Cushings, Insulin Resistent horses) and Alfie has several of these possible triggers for the disease.  We caught it early and started him on the protocols immediately. On Monday he was not doing well and I was certain he would not make it through the week.  He improved though by Tuesday and was even better Wednesday. But this morning he has a lot of heat back in his feet (ice is his best friend right now) which is not a good sign. I was thinking last night that we were out of the woods but now I am not so sure.  He had his last shot this morning and no more DMSO drips (a solution you give the horse via IV which helps inflammation).  So Friday will be the big test.  Can he hold his own without the meds?  Will the pain return?  Will the heat subside?  We'll see.  So it's been a real rollercoster week here at the farm. 2012 has not started well.  

Alfie is not a youngster but I wanted to be able to retire him to a nice life even though with his medical chart (he is IR and Cushings) I never expect him to make it 27 like Sega.  But if he could have a few more years to enjoy the Virginia scenary, that's what I was hoping for.  Go out and hug your horse(s) today.  This is a photo from our competitive days.  He could jump like no other horse I have ever competed.  I miss those days already........

To relieve the stress, I have been stitching like mad this week.  My stash is getting smaller (well, not really) but I am sending a huge box to the finisher today.  This is something not in my stash (not possible) but love this one.   Make this into a cute clutch to use if we ever get to go out again.  Maybe by late summer?  See it here.

I have spring and summer on the brain and would love to be lounging on my patio in this Nimo With Love kaftan.  Love this brand. No pun intended.

Love this one too. See it here.


  1. Fingers crossed for Alfie. I'm sorry you are going through all this stress and worry. *hugs*

  2. Thank you. It's been a LONG week.


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