Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Equestrian Tabletop

Wouldn't it be fun to pick out everything you'd want to use for a fabulous dinner party with an equestrian-theme? My post yesterday put this idea in the brain.  Money and access are not hurdles I'd need to overcome, just for fun.

I'd start with a great china pattern, pick out silverware, glasses, placemats & napkins, maybe napkin rings (sometimes I use them, sometimes not), some great serving accessories, tidbits for the table and something for the centerpiece. 

I'd use one of these silverware patterns. The first is Vera Wang, available on-line:

This one is also on-line, an inexpensive but great looking bamboo pattern.  It won't last a lifetime but at the price who cares?  Horchow has this now:

I love this Juliska toile dinnerware.  It's not horsey but it still works.  I would use it with the white or cream dinner plates:

The plain dishes:

Another fun option is to use an older pattern on top. I love these old Royal Doulton plates right now on Ebay. If you could find 8, go for it.  I'd use these with the plain plates above.

Pick some great winter-colored napkins and placemats from Horchow.  The greens...

I'd have to use the Imperial Hunt Scene crystal.  Best source for this is Ebay but it is hard to find.  These were made in the 1920's in Cambridge, Ohio.

I'd use these cool knife rests.  I saw these recently in an antique store in Middleburg, Virginia:

This Baccarat horse would make a great centerpiece:

I'd put these on the table too:

This great Arthur Court dish would be used to serve nuts.  His stuff is amazing.  Tons to pick from too!

I think I have inspired myself to have a dinner party.  Make entertaining a priority in 2014.  Happy entertaining and may your tabletops always look fabulous!


  1. Oh, boy, you're really trying to slay us now... that Royal Doulton is to DIE for! Love the horseshoe dish, and the planter with the orchids, and well, everything. I didn't know there was so much equestrian china out there. I already have two sets of china and don't need more but DARN, I love that stuff!

  2. I just looked at a couple of your other china posts and that Simpson Fox from Royal Doulton would look PERFECT with my gold-rimmed plain white Wedgewood... it has a slightly ruffled edge. *sigh*

  3. Me again - I just took a look at Arthur Court's things. Somehow I've never heard of that line before (I have Nambe and Armetale pieces), but yes, there are LOTS of goodies on there I'd like to have! I wish I'd known about them when I was wedding gift shopping for a horsey friend. :(


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