Saturday, January 25, 2014

Christmas Needlepoint, I'm Not Kidding

Christmas will be here before you know it.  Right?  Well in needlepoint world, yes.  There are so many Christmas items I want to do, and you have to get them to the finisher usually in September so you'd better get going...........  Now only if I had time.  You know that four letter word?  Here are some of the items on my wish list.

A nutcracker, or two, or three....

A nativity grouping...

A few stand up Santas....

This cool nutcracker...

Read more about this one here:

Another Santa:

I'm into stand-up Santas and nutcrackers and nativity scenes.  What's in your Christmas stash?


  1. Good luck with your needlepoint projects. I'm at work on a standup two sided woodland Santa that I began many years ago. I pulled it out to get it finished. I'm so close!
    Used to needlepoint all the time, but recent years not so much. Your post is inspiring me. You might like to follow along with one of my friends who shares updates on all the needlepoint projects she works on through the year. She is an amazing and prolific stitcher. Stop by to see Steph's Stitching on blogspot.

  2. While I do not needlepoint (I did sometime ago) I do collect the German nutcrackers. I am fortunate to have a shelf that overlooks the great room and my husband puts about 30 or so there and the others (about 9 ) are spread through the room.
    I keep knitting thru the year for different gifts and have a stock pile for Christmas.


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