Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Memory Lane

The business of life is the acquisition of memories....
I'm not certain who said that but how spot on.  As you get older and things start slipping away (and I'm not referring to my waistline) try to recall all of those memories you tucked away somewhere.  At least the good ones...........

Maybe you pull out some old photos with meaning and place them on a prominent spot where you will remember every day....even some events you may not remember like your parents' wedding day or your own christening.

I have started an old photo wall in a back hall, really unused space, that is now really special and reminds me every day of places, people and special moments.  I won't forget.

When Sega dies her halter, a lock from her mane and tail, a shoe, some special ribbons and a few photos will be made into a large window box frame that will have a prominent place in my home for the rest of my life.

Don't toss those memories, savor them and relive them every day!  Use them to remind you of the special times as life can get so mundane.

Below is an old photo from my own collection.  That's my older sister on the left, me in the middle and my younger sister holding Smokey, our beloved cat.  Not sure when this was taken but it looks like it was at my grandmother's house.  I have special sisters, I'm lucky. We're all happy and healthy.  But we have some wonderful memories. 

 Cherish your memories today and every day.  Hug your family, spend lots of time with those you love and pull those mementos and photos out and relive them.  Life is short.  Time is sweet.


  1. Very sage advice! I am chuckling a bit, as if anything I am guilty of keeping too MANY things for the memories involved. I have every riding ribbon I ever won, toys, stuffed animals, childhood schoolwork and drawing, boxes full of letters from boyfriends/grandparents/parents and probably a thousand books. All of which hold the most lovely memories. My packrat tendencies have ensured that every move has been very difficult. :) But I plan to cling to as much of it as I can...

    There are lots of neat ways to display ribbons now (quilts, wall hangings, belts, jars, frames) and one of these days I'm going to organize mine and have something made. So those at least will be useful! I'm glad you have a plan for memorializing Sega - I've seen similar boxes and they're gorgeous.

  2. ok, so I have hoarding tendencies too :)

    Thanks for sharing. We have recently been remodeling. I have kept my special horses shoes (sets!), tail locks and special ribbons (not just blue) /event programs. I stripped the carpet off of my stair case to the basement and have started to put up those special shoes on each step. A horse that was not all that talented, but brave beyond belief who went to the World Championships. Some that went around Kentucky Horse Park and Fair Hill among other CCI's. All clear :) I like to think of them every day, because I am thankful that they were in my lives. I miss them, all different, all special, all loved.

    This was a lovely post. Again, thank you. It is a pleasure to read your heart felt stories. Pearce....


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