Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Coat Coveteur

Some people collect shoes, handbags or even Hermes scarves.  My issue is coats.  I tried to adopt a rule, that every time I bought a coat I had to dispose of another, but it did not work, Goodwill's loss for sure. This is an adult phenomena; don't recall having this fetish when I was an adolescent and I could have cared less for clothes as a little girl.  And lucky for me, I live near the real J Crew outlet where coats can be had for $100 most days.  A hot pink collarless model was purchased there late in 2012 followed by a lovely black melton.

 (J Crew)
 (not sure who made this but this looks like my 15 year old Max Mara camel coat; yes, I still wear it)
(Barbour be damned, the knock offs look pretty good, love them all; this is
And I don't discriminate.  I'm an equal opportunity coat craver - quilted, waxed, wool, fur, long, short, medium, vest, cheap, expensive, ugly, pretty, fashionable or just plain sensible.  And it's 8 degrees outside, again, so I guess it's a good thing I have a lot to choose from. 


  1. I confess to a coat fetish - hanging my head in shame as all the walls of our tiny house have coats hanging from them. What is the brand of the last one - I love it!!


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