Monday, January 20, 2014

Hunter Harrison's Fab NY Estate/Farm Can Be Yours for $55 Million

An 87-acre estate in Ridgefield, NY will make you drool until you can drool no more.  Now if you only can muster the $55 million for the chance to purchase this pony-lover’s paradise. Of course, you won’t find the listing by googling around because while the home is officially on the market, contracted agent Sally Slater of Douglas Elliman Real Estate said there is no formal listing for the property.  So call Sally if you need a tour.

The property has three houses, one that dates to 1780.  The farm is the home (well, one of) of Hunter
Harrison, CEO of Canadian Pacific Railway. His Double H horses have won some big events around the world and at one time were ridden by Grand Prix rider McLain Ward.  His daughter is an accomplished equestrian and they also have a farm in Wellington.

According to Sally, "The ideal buyer is maybe a family that has a son or a daughter that is an up-and-coming equestrian and has the dream of going to the Olympics wand the means to have something like this. Because this will take them all the way,” she said, noting that the property is complete with a 3.5 acre jumping derby field with “every kind of natural jump that you would find in European field competitions.”

And with almost 90 acres to enjoy, with conservation land situated across the street, Slater said there’s privacy for days.



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