Friday, January 3, 2014

Effortless Equestrian Entertaining

I love to entertain and one day would like to be able to do an entire table and buffet in what I'll call "effortless equestrian-themed entertaining.  I'm not there yet.  I'd envision china, glassware, napkins, accessories and dishes.  One day.

Here's some ideas to get started...

I have this Italian chip and dip dish.  It's striking in real life.  Great to use at cocktails.

 I love these bowls and envision using them for ice cream in the spring or summer, outside.

A great idea to use on a buffet:

Great table decorations:

These are salt and pepper shakers:

These look great with plain china:

This is one of my favorite crystal patterns, from the 1920's, made in Cambridge, Ohio.  Very hard to find but I am piecing together a collection.

What pieces do you have in your collections?  An equestrian table is coming, stay tuned!


  1. OOOH, that crystal is just breath-taking! I had no idea anyone ever made anything like it! Wow. If I saw that at an antique mall I would want to snap it up... Who is the manufacturer?

    I actually own two of the china horse and rider napkin rings, though I'm fairly certain mine have actual human riders and not anthropmorphic foxes. :) I also have a nice little collection of matching china pieces that are painted with fox hunting scenes. Don't know the manufacturer, but I have a teapot, several lidded boxes and four plates. My mother-in-law found all of these items at yard sales and antique malls in KY.

    I also love that bit-end flatware. Where was that when I was registering for my wedding? ;) I have a friend who plays polo who would have a fit over the silver salt n' peppers shakers. She never entertains but I can just see them on display in her dining room.

  2. Erm, never mind about the flatware... just discovered it's a discontinued pattern from Hermes. Read: way, WAY out of my price range! Fun to see it, though.

    1. I think there's another pattern out there similar and available. Check out Malvern Saddlery in PA. They have a pattern there I'd love to have.

  3. Really awesome your china horse and rider napkin rings, nice little collection of matching china piece.I also like those.


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