Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Barn Girl: The Horse Owner or Rider's Essentials

Being around horses whether it's a hobby or your business requires having some essentials to make life easier and in some cases a bit more stylish.  I'm not talking about "diva duds" or "hunter princess palates."  These are essentials I have discovered over time and won't leave home or barn without:

1.  Barbour Jacket and Lightweight Rain Jacket  - Even if you live in drought-ridden California the minute you leave without a rain jacket, you'll need one.  I prefer having a Barbour for the cold days and a Marmot lightweight jacket for warmer days preferably with hood.  Rain pants are also a necessary evil. 

2. Cute Baseball Cap or Straw Hat  - Those bad hair days need to be covered up.  Or when you pull off your riding hat quickly through on a cute baseball cap with some well-known horsey logo, depending on your discipline - Badminton, Kentucky Horse Park, WEF, Devon, Spruce Meadows - you get the idea.  A nice straw-brimmed hat will also work for those who spectate instead of ride or for the warm sunny climates. 

3. Mud Boots - I like these from J. Crew and L.L. Bean for winter and tall rain boots for warmer climates.  See #1 above.

4. Lip Balm/Chapstick - Chapped lips are part of the lifestyle.  Carmex is my favorite.

5. Really cute sturdy horsey handbag. Love these from Gucci and Ralph Lauren.

6. Warm Socks - The feet get cold. Smartwool is the best.

7.  An up-to-date speed dial list - people you can call when your horses get out, you fall off at a show and are rushed to the hospital, someone to take you to see your orthopedic surgeon and/or PT when you can't drive and a spare when all else fails.  (Ask me how I know this is essential).
8. Great Face Cream - We spend entirely too much time outdoors, in wind, rain, sleet, snow and of course, sun. 

9. Bath Salts for the days when your mind says "yes" but your body says "no."

10. Warm gloves for winter and string gloves for summer.  Gloves are for safety among other things.  Protect those hands!

11.  A sense of humor - for the days when your ask yourself "why am I doing this?"
What are your must haves? 


  1. I agree with Tracy, those purses are adorable! I'll also agree with the glove thing, in any weather when dealing with horses. Although I do love the string gloves during summer rides.

  2. I would have to add a comfy, well-fitting riding helmet. Doesn't matter if you spend $30 or $300, but every rider needs a helmet that they're willing to wear on every ride. I've seen people spend serious money on new tack but skip buying a helmet for 10 years - no, they don't show, but it's still important!

    I lost my rainjacket and was going to replace it with a Marmot, so I'm glad for the review. Also adore SmartWool socks and string gloves and equestrian-themed leather ANYTHING accessory-wise!

  3. You know- I've been inspired to add some ME essentials to my trunk (lip balm and face lotion)! Yes!

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