Saturday, January 11, 2014

Butler Pantry?

My ideal house would have a large "butler's pantry" to house my expansive china and crystal collection that I'd use for constant entertaining if life were perfect. 

It would be stylish, with warming drawer, maybe a small oven, a few burners to heat, an extra dishwasher or two and of course, the butler.

the era of the “butler’s pantry” began in England and America in the mid 1800's with a small pantry typically between the kitchen and dining room where china and silver were stored and meals were plated and served (often by a butler or household staff). These were first essentials of great estate homes, later they could also be found in moderate middle class homes and sometimes you see them today.  But people don't entertain much these days so what's the use? 

I'd like to think that people are entertaining; in a 2005 survey by the National Association of Home Builders, walk-in pantries are the most requested kitchen feature in American homes.  But a lot has happened since 2005, houses are probably getting smaller not bigger. 

Here's to pantries, butlers and more entertaining in 2014!

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