Friday, July 31, 2020

Friday Musings

It's been a busy week since returning from my hastily scheduled beach vacation.  Wish I could go back!  Escaping from reality is important every now and then.  My busy week hasn't enabled me to blog much but here are few tidbits this Friday morning.

If you need a good summer read, please try this book.  What an incredible life this lady has had. If Princess Diana had not married Prince Charles and instead had lived a "normal" life as an aristocrat, this would have been her:

Great vintage needlepoint find on Etsy:

Great deal on this vintage tapestry if you have the right place for it. See it here.

Love this vintage needle case.  See it here.

Another great vintage canvas.  See it here.

Love this one!  So preppy and cute.  See it here.

Or this one.  See it here.

J Crew is offering 72% off already reduced sale prices.  There are some real bargains here folks. Hoping that they survive as I do love some of their clothes like this adorable dress.  See it here.

Love this vintage Wedgewood bowl.  See it here.


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