Wednesday, July 15, 2020

More Needlepoint Bargains

If you are filling your stash just in case, here are some great bargain finds to assist you this Wednesday morning in July....... You can make an offer to a seller even on Etsy.  All they can do is say no.  I have done this successfully in the past.

Love this kit from the 1970's complete with satin thread.  This is so old that it's in again and a real bargain. See it here.

Love this needlepoint canvas, an ornament (it is round when it is finished) for the classical music lover and for $14 it's a bargain. See it here.

Here is how it looks when finished:

Love these rabbits.  See this canvas here.

Love this one too! 

This is a very good buy on an Elizabeth Bradley kit.  See it here.

Love this kit.  See it here.

Very cute flowers complete with wool thread. See this one here.

Love these bunnies. Complete with thread.  See them here.

Pretty flower canvas.  See it here.

Another rabbit and this one is so Mario Buatta.  See it here.

And lastly this is a set of 8 canvases for $25.  This is only one of the eight.  See them here.

Enjoy your Wednesday. Please stay home if you can.  And wear a mask!

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