Tuesday, July 7, 2020

My Growing Needlepoint Stash

With the pandemic, I have been madly adding to my needlepoint stash, with the thought, in the back of my mine - if things get really bad I'll have enough stitching to do for years. LOL.

Loved this cheeky saying from Lycette.


I am working on these right now which will be made into pillows.  I stitched the green in hunter and have an adorable dark green gingham check fabric and fringe for the pillows. These remind me of Thelwell.  You can order these from Po's Point in Charlotte.

 I had to have this new one from Le Point Studio and this will be made into a door hanger:

This is from Lycette and I have wanted to stitch this one for many years.  It arrived recently.  And I love the way this is finished.

And I wanted to stitch a Jean Smith flower canvas and bought this one at a trunk show. It was so hard to pick just one!

This is my bargain rug from Ebay, a nice winter project.

Have wanted to stitch a scissors cover too and bought this one on Ebay earlier in the year:

I feel in love with this designer and thought this was so unusual. Not sure where it will go, but....

Another great Ebay find.  I have completed two wreaths and wanted one for the holidays so I can't wait to do this one.  It's similar to the other two that I completed and I made an offer on this on Ebay in the early days of Covid and the seller accepted.

 Happy stitching! Stay safe, stay in and wear a mask!

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  1. I really like the rug you scored on Ebay and the first one with the saying. They are all nice though. I've never worked much on my needlepoint projects in the summer, usually I'm outside in the garden or other outside pursuits. I've been watering the garden, but with horrid temperatures/humidity and no place to go, I happily stitch away the day. I like the rhythmic action of the stitching, it's very soothing, plus I have something to show for my time. Thanks for the post.


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