Saturday, July 18, 2020

Post Pandemic Self Reliance That Would Make Emerson Proud

The last five months have taught us all a lot of lessons in self-reliance, self-discipline, and just making do.  Ralph Waldo Emerson would be proud.   It's amazing how adaptable the human spirit is and while we are not "roughing" it in any way, some of us have changed the way we live for good.

For instance........

I'm not sure I'll use a commercial laundry much in the future.  There is no reason you cannot hand wash your delicates with the exception maybe that fabulous silk dress (who is wearing that right now anyway).  This is a great product that does the job nicely and can be ordered from Amazon or directly from the manufacturer if you're not in the mood to add a few more bucks to Jeff Bezos' bank account.  And the pineapple grove scent? How cute is that?  Use this tidy guide from the NYT on how to wash your delicates going forward. Or this one.  Commercial laundry is for sissies.

Another pandemic find is a clothes steamer. Let me add that I have not bought one yet but plan to do so. Someone in the needlepoint world put me onto this as a way to clean and block needlepoint projects for those of us who choose not to use those horrid stretcher bars when we stitch.  A steamer can clean your needlepoint pillows too.  Rowenta is the brand of choice.  If you have not bought one of their irons, also treat yourself.

And then there is hair.  Let me start by saying that I am not a "parlor person."  Going to the hair salon is right behind the dentist in my book.  Having someone "mess" with me is way down my list and if I never have to go to a salon again I would be totally fine with it. I don't color my hair, yet.  Hubby has been cutting my hair since March and my hair is fine, thick and straight, so not an easy hair cut for a real amateur.  I have zero plans to go back to the salon until the pandemic is over.  What you need is a really good pair of scissors. Someone gifted me a really fine pair about 30 years ago and I would not trade many things for them.  A good pair can be sharpened and will last a lifetime.  And they can be used to cut hair, even straight hair like mine.  And while not cutting hair, these little contraptions can do things like cut fabric for your needlepoint projects.  This is a household "must have" for the self-reliant.. Wonder how many pairs Joanna Gaines has? Buy a good pair. 

And for those of us who dread salons we are using this inexpensive product to spiff up our locks.  I highlight my blonde (I mean gray) roots every few months.  When the pandemic started I hoarded a few months supply just in case.  A lifesaver for anyone on a budget. 

Not going out, even for takeout, since March has not been a struggle as I enjoy cooking and have the tools (very good pots - All Clad and Le Creuset), a gas stove, enough china to outfit those still left in Manhattan with linens to match.  But not everyone loves Julia Child like I do.  Cooking for many is a struggle or a bore, but it does not have to be.  And we all need to stamp out processed food, chicken and pork raised in factory farms, and go organic, IF we really know that the food is in fact organic (as many times it is not). Off my soapbox now.  You can order almost everything online now even good food to cook.  Start with great pasta.

Good spices make a dish and you can't buy most of this stuff at a typical grocery. Spicewalla or Penzey's are good sources.

You can also buy very good quality meat online. And why not support local businesses over corporate America right now?  Polyface Farm is another option. Supporting sustainable farming will also help save the planet!  Win win win.

Cooking can be fun. Have an international night once a week.  Explore different regions of the world, assigning a new country to your kids. Pair the Korean dinner with special wines or pair it with an exotic drink. There are ways to make cooking at home and dining at home fun and even educational!

And dress for dinner!

Ralph Waldo Emerson might be proud of what some are doing right now......

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  1. Love that dress! Out of m pandemic price range right now! If I could learn to sew...


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