Sunday, December 13, 2020

A Christmas Poem From Horse Country Chic


Twas the week for before Christmas and all through my farm

Luckily the pandemic has done no harm

Our country is in the middle of a health emergency like no other

It's so bad you can't even travel home to mother

We're shopping on the Internet, not going into stores or shops

But thank goodness Visa, Mastercard and Am Ex have not put on any stops

Our country is in tatters, our democracy on the ropes

While our President who did lose the election in the White House mopes

A huge snow storm is headed on Wednesday our way, so the horses better have a huge supply of hay

We'll bed them down, with oats and alfalfa cubes at night

To keep them warm and happy (so they'll keep winning ribbons for me if they might)

2020  has been an "annus horribilis" - a year we'd like to forget

Can 2021 get here soon enough? Ready set

We'll make the best of what life throws us no matter what

That Pfizer vaccine can go into my arm - no if's and's or but's

At Horse Country Chic we'd like to thank our loyal readers for tuning in

Day after day, week after week, like a good Gin

Make the best of what's left of this unusual holiday season and year

We really have nothing but ourselves to fear

From Alfie, Sega, Apollo, April, Madda - the Virginia contingent wishes you good health

Stay safe, listen to Dr. Fauci please, he's not going to be stealth

We're grateful for all the good things in life

Our friends, family and furry animals - they make it right.

Onward, upward, over and under, we won't try to steal anyone's thunder

Just come back and read our posts every week if you will

And listen to nature, enjoy life, when it's very still.

To all, a final thank you and enjoy this wonderful day.

At my house, the horses of course always have the final say.

(The photo above is a photo of my house, not sure of the exact date, but it is around the turn of the century before the 1918 pandemic. So my farm has lived through two pandemics).

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