Saturday, December 26, 2020

Another Refresh - Home Office

 Refresh is in the air, well, maybe. You may recall a post a few months back about a bedroom refresh.  After being in the house 10 years, some areas are starting to look a bit tired and because we are spending so much time these days at home, a little updating here and there is in order. No painting, no major overhauls, but just a little replacing. And I'll report back on that bedroom refresh in January.

The room is dark and the rugs are difficult to keep clean and I spend so much time in this room. I want it to be more comfortable and brighter.  I need two rugs, 5 x 7 or 6 x 8.   I have one window, with a shade that I made and I can easily make a new one. So I don't need more than two yards of fabric. There is one chair for decoration that I plan to move to the library and recover (and have the fabric for that). I want to replace that with a more updated look. My office chair is the big mystery. I am not sure I need a real office chair but would like something else.

So I started looking at rugs and found some that I liked a lot but then remembered the ones I was looking at did not fit the bill of easy to clean. And then I remembered that I prefer to start with the fabric first.  And then I remembered how I strongly lean to certain brands - Lee Jofa, Jane Churchill, Cowtan & Tout and Clarence House. And there is the animal thing -  I love fabric with animals. And I want color, vibrant color and I have to work around my tan walls and a dark brown shade over my french door to my upper deck (it keeps the direct sun out in winter).  And then there is the shopping off the Internet.  I am not going out if I don't have to right now.

This is a fabric I am considering, from Clarence House. Animal.Check.  Vibrant.Check. It will go with the brown shade.  It will work with my current wall color. It's bright. I can buy it off the Internet by the yard at a reasonable price.

Possible rug options.....

Rugs must be easy to clean (no jute type, soft to the feet, something Truman can't claw and preference for wool or cotton or a blend. And cannot break my budget.  And nothing too dark (no dark brown, for example, as my wood floors are dark already and I want to lighten them up). Your opinions...

This is more money than I want to spend but it is very good quality and will last forever. Wool. Cats can't claw it. 

This is a MUCH cheaper option...

This is not inexpensive but not as pricey as the first one but will be harder to keep clean.

Your thoughts????


  1. What color are your walls? You said tan, but what is the color brand/name? A lot depends on the undertone of your wall color.

    1. Suzanne, color is BM Shaker Beige. It is a camel color.

    2. BM Shaker Beige looks to have a slight orange undertone. I’m voting for rug #1 and the fabric you love. Can’t wait to see the final result.

  2. I love, love, love this fabric! It makes me smile. I'd love to know where you were able to find it online, without the hassle of an intermediary. As far as the rugs, my favorites are the top two in your post, in that order. I ran across the second one when I was perusing rugs recently. I force myself to be "fiscally responsible" when it comes to rugs because I like to replace mine frequently (too frequently). I have a small home with dark hardwood floors so the importance of rugs seems to be heightened, at least for my aesthetic.

    1. Hi Mark. You can find fabric online as long as you don't need much. I only need two yards to make a shade. And I can also buy through my decorator who is very reasonably priced. I like to start with a fabric and I did order the first rug and can send it back if I don't like it. Will keep you posted. Thanks for your comments. Try Etsy and Ebay and search by the designer.


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