Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Popular Equestrian Brands 2020 Edition

 While a creature of habit, I am starting to branch out, exploring some newer equestrian brands. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is unfortunately true in the horse world. Good quality often costs more, but lasts a lot longer....

My favorite schooling girth is this Walsh synthetic girth.   The one I use on Alfie is likely 10 years old and just starting to wear. I bought mine at Farmvet but Chagrin Saddlery also carries them. And I often show in it too.

My favorite horse show girth is this model from Equifit. It's a huge splurge but these are so fancy.

Equiline is the new "gold standard" in riding clothes but they are very expensive. While many of their coats and shirts are more for the jumper crowd, some of their clothing is still subdued enough to meeting the incredibly conservative standards of the Virginia hunter world.  LOL. I like this show shirt but it may not pass the Virginia sniff test....

And Equiline Ash Breeches are fabulous.  Expensive yes. But fabulous.

While Samshield is known for their helmets they have also entered the clothing market in a big way and many are raving about their breeches. I have not tried them but know people who love them.

Love the simplicity of this show shirt:

RJ Classics has been around a while but the brand now offers many different price points for their clothing, to compete with some of the higher end brands. I own one of their coats, similar to this one and I love it!

Ego7 is another new brand that I have to admit I have not yet tried.  

If nothing else, you'll look stylish in the ring in 2021.  Stay safe everyone!  It's getting really bad out there. Stay home and mask up!

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