Tuesday, December 1, 2020

A Special Gift for the Horsey Girl

I was trying to come up with a clever gift idea for a young girl who has been helping me at the farm recently due to my severe tendonitis. She's been a real gift as even a few days a week of help has enabled me to function.  So what could I do for her for Christmas?  She rides a little, has a pony, and shows a few times a year locally.   So here it goes.....

A few vintage books, you don't need current horse books, the basics have not changed for decades.....

This book is from the 1960's:

Horse Farm might go to my own library.  See it here.

The Nature of Horses also looks good:

This is also an old one but good horsekeeping goes way back.  See it here.

Then I thought I would add National Velvet, the book.

 Then the video, the old one....just in case she's never seen the old version.

A pair of antique horse bookends (for her books):

Or these:

Or these:

And lastly, a Tiger Sponge, the very best grooming tool out there, just for fun.  This is my stocking stuffer of choice this year.  Lots of my friends are getting one of these....

 Enjoy your Tuesday and stay safe!


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