Thursday, December 17, 2020

Thursday Tidbits

We didn't get the massive winter dump that the Northeast is experiencing but the UPS man was not out yesterday in any way unless he owned ice skates. VDOT (Virginia Dept of Transportation) hit the roads however very early this morning so I expect to see the UPS man today with or without his skates.  Power.Check.  

Sorel Snow Slip Ons - these are perfect for a day like today. Warm.Cozy.Cute.Colorful. They come in three colors but I prefer the gray ones.

Sundance - Every time I see their catalog or go to the website, I feel inferior. The models are perfectly coifed but in such an unstaged way. Fully expect to see Ralph Lauren walking off the page into my living room with his Marlborough Man look, cowboy hat tipped down to just the right level. And these women never look cold, even in a skimpy sweater in the middle of winter. 

Reindeer Cocktail Napkins - ring in the holidays in style. Love these!

A Literary Christmas - It's too late to get this for 2020, but a great classic never goes out of style:

This seasonal compendium collects together poems, short stories, and prose extracts by some of the greatest poets and writers in the English language. Like Charles Dickens's ghosts of Christmas Past and Present, they are representative of times old and new—from John Donne's Elizabethan hymn over the baby Jesus to Benjamin Zephaniah's "Talking Turkeys," from Thomas Tusser counting the cost of a Tudor feast to P. G. Wodehouse's wry story about Christmas on a diet. Enjoy a Christmas Day as described by Samuel Pepys, Anthony Trollope, George Eliot, or Nancy Mitford. Venture out into the snow in the company of Jane Austen, Henry James, and Dickens's Mr. Pickwick. Entertain the children with the seasonal tales of Dylan Thomas, Kenneth Grahame, and Oscar Wilde.

Horse Show Ribbons Fabric - Love this fabric. For pillows, curtains, shades, a shower curtain?

Vintage Hanging Sign - When I say vintage is best, well, vintage is best. It's a good thing this is sold.

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