Sunday, December 20, 2020

Apollo's Induction

Some people have portraits painted of their children and place them in prominent areas of the house - the living room, above a mantle, perhaps in a bedroom. Well, horse lovers do the same thing, and my collection is now complete with the newest edition, Apollo, now officially a full-fledged member of the household. His portrait will now adorn the library wall alongside the others. You may recall a much earlier post, when the first three were completed years ago. You can read it here.  This was a surprise birthday gift (and the artist was here at the farm one day taking photos of my colt while I was busy working - LOL).

My neighbor has somehow captured the essence and personality of Apollo (and he oozes personality like not other that I've owned) and many years from now, when these horses have lived out their lives and are gone, I'll have these (to always be put in a prominent area of the house).  Hug your loved ones if you can. Have something to remember them by!  Stay safe my friends.

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