Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Lanz Nightgown

 There are some things you just don't want your SO to know before you tie the knot or get involved in a serious relationship. The Lanz Nightgown is one of those things.  I can't remember not having at least two or three of these in my winter wardrobe and they last longer than most marriages so you're not going to wear these out.  How many do you have?  Willing to really admit?  They aren't pretty and some would even venture to call them frumpy but for us older preppy set types, they are as ingrained in our DNA as our Hermes scarves, the pearls that our mothers passed down to us.

There is nothing warmer, more cozy or comfortable to sleep in during winter.

If you grew up with Lanz it's a good bet your daughters wear them too. This is my style of choice and you can wear them with the buttons in the back or the front.

And it's not easy to find a Lanz these days and I'll admit to seeing them in past years at TJ Maxx.  But if you've ever wondered about the history of these flannel wonders, take a peak at this great article. It seems they are "coming back" but for us die hard Lanz-worshippers, they never left and will always be in style.  It seems that the pandemic has been good for the Lanz nightgown business. Maybe there is a silver lining in there somewhere for 2020.



  1. I own 3 of these and one of them is the tartan. Funny, but my husband actually LOVES them. We recently moved to Puerto Rico so I have absolutely no need them for now, but I didn't get rid of them. They are safely tucked away in storage, awaiting my return, whenever that may be.


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