Thursday, December 31, 2020

Needlepoint was Popular in 2020

2020 is a year many would like to forget - between the pandemic, the election from hell and job losses - I could go on........but we all know those affected by the tragic events this year.   Let's try to put it behind us and hope that the vaccine will be rolled out, that social distancing can eventually go away and that our country will again be governed by adults. 2021 has to be better than 2020.

I looked back and was not surprised that the most popular posts were those about needlepoint.  2020 was a very good year to stitch and many had much more free time to do so than ever thought possible.   

Needlepoint Thread Storage Organization 101

This was by far the most popular post for 2020.   And I'll add that my organization project has worked well so far. Using Ziploc bags and rings for my thread has helped me buy less thread and I realized how much I really had.  If yours needs a good organizational overhaul this is a good time to put it in motion.

All my Etsy posts were popular, especially the vintage needlepoint finds. It's getting harder to find good vintage canvases (the secret is out) but Etsy is a great source also for needlepoint books like this one:

I hope that you have discovered many new sources for stitching (a good needlepoint store, for example), new designers, fun new ways to finish your pieces, and an appreciation for an art that has been discovered by many for the first time.  And stores like Lycette have done more for this lifelong hobby than words can express. Thank you!

And I love supporting small business, the heartbeat of America, like this Etsy store. Love this canvas!

Hoping that 2021 brings you many happy hours of stitching. More to come in 2021.  Stay safe!

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