Monday, April 25, 2011

The Agony and the Alfie

Some people have out of control children or one with ADHD.  I have Alfie.  There is much to love and he certainly has movie star looks, but my Alfie can be agony.  He has two speeds, good and bad.  We either win classes or we are last.  You either want to hug him or kill him.  There is just no in between with this guy.  That being said, I would not trade him for the world (except on certain days).

Alfie is the one horse I kept going all winter (without an indoor arena to ride in it is really hard to keep them going all winter). But like luck would have it, he got hurt in late January, right as we were getting ready to show.  And he was going so well.  But that is Alfie. 

Not certain what happened, but it is likely he was kicked although there are no marks on his leg where the swelling took place.  The good news is that the vet gave me the green light late last week to put Alfie back in work, albeit VERY SLOWLY.  That may not be good news after all.  He is just hard.

Anyway, Mr. Alfie is going to the spa (mane pulled, coat washed, fur clipped and mane and tail conditioned).  He will look again like the show horse that he is, and not the furry black horse covered in shavings that he became these past few months).

The good news is that I rode Alfie on Sunday for the first time since January.  Hoping that he will be back 100 percent by June.

We are hoping that Alfie is back in top form very soon!


  1. Ann, I loved this story!!! These are my favorite kinds of posts you write. Your description of Alfie sounded just like one of my children. Loving your blog!!! P.S. Savez and I have our first out of town show this weekend - I'm excited and nervous all at once.

  2. I'm relatively new to your blog but I had to laugh at this post's first two sentences. I'm glad Alfie is doing well. Your Alfie is my Archie. It never ends with these guys!


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