Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Baby April - Part Three, The Fugly Stage

Most babies, if not all, go through the "fugly stage" at some point in their young life.  Baby April went through this stage too, and you can see by comparing the photos below to those in earlier posts (Baby April Parts One and Two), that she went from an adorable filly to a not very good looking 18 month old, to a scrumptuous three year old.

These photos were taken when she was living in Maryland when she was about 18 months old. My how she has changed, for the better, thank goodness. Her sweetness jumps out in these photos.  She, even today, is like a giant 1400-pound puppy dog and wants to be hugged and kissed and petted.  This ugly duckling did indeed turn into a swan!

From this:

To this................


  1. 1. Love your equestrian orange.
    2. Fugly is one of my favorite words.
    3. This was a sweet post!!!

  2. Thanks Seleta. I thought about you yesterday. Went to Charlottesville to pick up a present for my mom. And went to the Caspari store (you would die over this place). Charlotte Moss is in town next week for cocktails and a book signing. I am SO busy next week but if I get up at 5 am every day instead of 6 I think I can swing it. Wish you lived nearby!

    Take care!


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