Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer

When I think of West Palm Beach two things immediately come to mind: the Winter Equestrian Festival (or WEF as it is known in horse show speak) and Lilly. While WEF is wrapping up for the season, Lilly is just getting started.  My mother dressed me and my two sisters in Lilly as a child (and I will admit to wearing Lilly to a high school prom), nothing thrilled me more than to see it return to fashion.  In my mind it never went out of style.

My favorite place to buy Lilly is Ebay and some great deals have been found on Lilly there, especially "off season." I like the "old" Lilly better than the "new" Lilly but everything needs updating at some point.

Take a peek:

And I am loving the new Lilly furniture line.  Just wish I had a place in West Palm to put it:

And we can't forget about the horses.  While you'll see many horse vans going north on I-95 in the coming weeks, there is nothing more exciting to do in winter than to make the trek to Wellington.  Here are few photos to enjoy. 

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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