Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rebecca Ray Equestrian-Influenced Accessories

Rebecca Ray's handbags, jewelry, key chains, pillows and placemats are quintessentially equestrian!   She lives in the Chagrin Falls area near Cleveland (a great place to visit if you like the horsey set) and she hires Amish women to stitch her products, all by hand of course.  Her products are top quality (brass fittings like you would find in a tack shop, real leather), and her rosettes are hand selected for each bag.  Colors are pink, red, orange, brown, and tan.  Take a peek:

Here are some of her bags:

The "Whitney Squares" bag is one of my favorites.  She also offers a summer version.

This orange bag will go with everything.  Nothing beats "Equestrian Orange."  I love these more casual bags:

And these accessories are just too cute....I could do some serious shopping damage here.  Love the "Hermes look" of her bracelets, for a lot less......

I could think of a thousand places for this pillow to go.  Look for Rebecca Ray in gift stores, higher end tack stores and at some of the larger horse shows.

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