Friday, April 22, 2011

Farm Friday

There was much excitement around the farm last Saturday when the rains finally stopped and the water came rushing in.  We had our own "mini tsumani" of sorts as the many inches of rain we received ran into the creek beds and overflowed, literally.

This photo was taken from the road in front of our house and the water to the right is our creek, to the left is water in a field.  There is not supposed to be any water there.  These photos were taken after the water had gone down significantly.

Thank goodness we do not use the field to the left for anything but growing hay.  It was covered.

You can see our barn off to the right.  The horses were in that day, of course.  To the right is our creek. 

Hubby is out trying to pull the sticks from the fence line.  That is our house in the background.

Our neighbor across the street had a lot of water, but none in the house, thank goodness. The house sits right in front of a creek next to an old mill.  

Around the corner is another part of the same creek,  This creek had greatly expanded and it was really overflowing.  It took the near-by chairs sitting on the bank. 

We were much luckier than our neighbors in North Carolina.  We had some trees down, no power for about a day and a half, but no real damage to speak of.  There was a twister about 30 minutes away that did a lot of damage.  Let's hope Mother Nature behaves herself for a while.


  1. Hopefully Mother Nature takes a break. Have a great weekend!
    xo Cathy

  2. Whoa!!! So glad it didn't flood your home or horse barn. That is a ton of rain!


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