Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mother Sega

You met Baby April, now meet "Mother Sega." 

Sega and I have a long history together; she is a "once in a lifetime horse."  I am lucky to be part of her life.  She has been in our household almost 14 years and came to us as a 3 year old.  Since then, she has blossomed into a fabulous horse and even at 17, is still going.  She is April's mother, but we had a surrogate carry April.  We were able to keep Sega "in work" as a very nice "show horse" and I have always worried about Sega's weight.  She is what you call an "easy keeper."  

My husband once said that Sega traveled more than he did and that he knew who the real love of my life was.  I didn't correct him. 

You can see from some of these photos what a special horse Sega is.  Personality galore, a real "star" when the lights come on, and a joy to be around.  This picture is from a show in State College, PA three years ago:

This is in Lexington, VA:

This is at the Capital Challenge Horse Show just outside of Washington, DC, probably 4-5 years ago. (O'Neill's photo):

This is also at State College:

Some funny tidbits about Sega.  She loves to suck her tongue.  Give her a few peppermints, a carrot or an apple and she'll stick her tongue out and suck on it for about 20 minutes.  She loves Altoids.   She is an eater and even now in early spring, I am watching her weight like a hawk.  If she skips a meal, then something serious is going on.  She has floppy ears and usually lets her left ear flop over a jump.  An Irish horseman told me that if you ever find a "floppy-eared mare" then buy it immediately, they are the best horses - he was dead on.


  1. Sega is beautiful! And you can see she is a real star in the ring!

  2. I ADORE Sega and her sweet tooth, floppy eared, easy keeper self. It's so sweet that you've been together so long...I can only hope I have Savez in my life for as long as she lives. P.S. I am starting to have similar husband conversations...

  3. What a beautiful and special mare she is! Looks like April has some big shoes to fill.

    Floppy eared mares ARE the best! I knew I was going to have a good day when when mare's ears where floppy. I remember vividly looking through her adrorable floppy ears the day I won my first Medal Final on her.


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