Friday, April 15, 2011

Farm Friday

I love Fridays!  Today is lovely outside, but not for long, as we have an almost 100% chance of heavy rain tomorrow. And there so much mowing to do!

Last Friday, I showed you photos of the barn, in renovation.  Much has changed since then, all for the better! Take a peek at the finished product outside:

The barn is three stories tall, upstairs.  Below I have six very large stalls, all with dutch doors to the outside.  I took these early this morning while the three "kids" were inside eating breakfast.  Sega's stall is the first one one on the far right side, then Alfie and then April.  The other three stalls currently hold hay, shavings and extra jumps.

I use the sliding door on the bottom as my entry and exit.  The door to the left of that is just for show at this point. We sealed it on the inside (too drafty in winter).  The tiny window to the left is in Sega's stall.  She has a view on the side as well (as "Queen" she gets the best stall). 

You can almost see the loveliness of the morning in these pictures. The early morning is one of my favorite times on the farm, everything is so quiet and peaceful.

A few more shots looking from the barn back to our house and to the road in front of the house.  That tan house is my house.

We have a wonderful view of a mountain, another one of my favorite spots:

Hope your Friday is filled with joy and laughter.

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  1. It looks gorgeous! What a beautiful barn. And so flattered I am on your blog roll. Thank you so much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

    P.S. My sister in law grew up near where you are and is a horse girl herself. She and my brother now live in Boulder with her 3 horses, German shepard and cat. Quite a crew out there :)


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