Monday, April 4, 2011

Lament on Lamps

Finding good lamps used to be easy. Not sure what has changed, my taste, the styles, or my pocketbook, but for years I bought all of my lamps at The Kellogg Collection. In decorating my county house, though, finding what I want has been a different story.

Everything I find that is either too frumpy or too contemporary and not in keeping with a "sophisticated country house" which is the look I am after.

I looked at these for my guest bedroom, very reasonable, the color and height are right but came across too "cute" and too "looks good with my West Elm furniture" for what I need.

Would love to own a pair of these, but at the moment, outside my price range. (Photo courtesy of The Style Chronicle Blog).

Many have recommended these Robert Abbey lamps, a much cheaper imitation of the Christopher Spitzmiller lamps pictured above.  But these don't come in a color that I can use either and I like the ones below (from The Second Yard) much better.

These are adorable, budget-friendly for a guest bedroom (From The Second Yard in Roanoke, VA), but they don't come in a color that I can use:

While my intention was not to use white lamps, I am favoring at least one of these Wildwood lamps in the guest bedroom (in white).  I wanted a light aqua color for the bedside tables and could possibly use the white on another table in the room.

Or possibly this one, also from Wildwood:

Would love to learn where you shop for lamps. 


  1. I too adore the Christopher Spitzmiller beauties, but my pocketbook says ouch! If you're not worried about brands you may consider popping in Homegoods or TJ Maxx from time to time. For our guest house, I snagged some glorious Spitzmiller look alikes in canary yellow. Since they were so inexpensive I won't cry if they break!

  2. I am also a big TJM shopper and there is a good one about an hour away. So far, no luck there though.


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