Monday, June 24, 2013

Good Summer Reads

I don't tend to get much summer reading done as all I do is mow during the summer months but realize that most don't have 40 acres to tend to.  But if you do make it to the beach or to Bath County and need some good summer reading here are a few picks:

This book is sitting beside my bed in my pile and I will eventually get to it.  I went to camp here but don't think the book is at all like the camp I went to, at least from first glance. But it is getting good reviews and once I read it I will review it.

I did finish this a few days ago. The writer is a friend and this is her second book.  It is very cleaver indeed and Lian is a good writer, entertaining and love her wit.  Where she came up with this story line I will never know.  Worth reading.....

 This is Lian's first book and I think I like it better but I was a classics major in undergrad and if you read this then you will know.  Very good, worth reading at least once!

I heard Connors being interviewed last week on NPR.  Not sure if I will read this but I might.  Loved Andre Agassi's book and also read McEnroe but not as big a fan of Connors.  But I admire his success...

I saw this and it looks interesting for a summer read for the beach and those of us who are addicts, well.......

So what are your recommendations????


  1. Another classics major!???!!! a rara avis,,,which explains why I love your blog! many thanks for the recommendations :)

    1. There are a few of us left in the world. Author Lian Dolan is also a member of the club!


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