Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the Side Please

An easy way to spice up a tired room without spending a lot of money is to add a new side table.  Add color, a bit of modernism, whimsy or something just off.

This orange table from Alexa Hampton (Hickory Chair) is just one example.  

This one is divine, from Mona Ross Berman.   This just adds a lot of punch.

Want something more neutral maybe?  These from Tobi Fairley can go just about anywhere.

Another great small table, this one is from John Lyle.

Another one from John Lyle:

Something more modern and sleek, more contemporary maybe?  Hickory Furniture can deliver these to your living room!

And I love this one from Oomph, which can be done in a million colors:

Or maybe go vintage?  This is from 1stdibbs.com:

And an easy alternative, the definitive garden stool....

What's in your living room?


  1. LOL I thought you would be talking about Sidesaddle... silly me!
    Some lovely picks here!

  2. Beautiful pieces! As to what's in my living room? 3 dog crates, a parrot cage, a mounting block (used by one dog to get in his crate), a couch, a flat screen TV, and shelving for too many DVDs. We live a very utilitarian life;)


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