Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Straw Man or Maybe Straw Woman

I always wondered what a "Straw Man" was; heard the phrase many times but finally I looked it up.

It's a noun and it means "dummy" or a sham argument set up to be defeated as in a "straw man" poll or election...

Well, I would love to know the provenance of that noun as it makes no sense to me as I love straw, as in straw handbags, especially for summer.....

Would love to own one of these adorable bags to use the rest of the summer. These are from Kate Spade and are currently on sale but still pricey..

I like white with straw..

This is too whimsical for me but how cute.....

The old J Crew stand-by....loving this too!


The clutches are also on sale at J Crew.  These are great for cocktails, weddings, a night out.  They go with everything!  Do you have straw bags in your future? 

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