Thursday, June 6, 2013

Virginia RIP

Tough day yesterday as we laid our beloved Virginia to rest.  She had cancer, but she went very quickly.  We thought we would have to put her down over the previous weekend but she seemed to rally and was not ready.  But yesterday, in just a matter of hours, she became quite distressed.  She was a lovely cat, found her on the farm with six kittens in August 2003.  She had a wonderful life and appreciated every second of it.

Go hug your animals today, and all of your loved ones for that matter!  Life is short.  Make it sweet!


  1. Very sorry to hear this :( She looks and sounds like she was absolutely lovely.

  2. Very sorry for your loss... what a pretty girl she was.

  3. They sure make us smile - and you are right, their lives are far too short. Sorry to hear of your loss and pain and thank you for the reminder to cuddle our own little ones.

    Pearce tw


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