Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pom Poms

Don't you if you have noticed this, but am seeing a lot of "pom poms" going on for spring.  This cute shirt from Anthro has them along the neckline. Cute, but how do you wash it?

J Crew has the same idea on this somewhat pricey tunic, that I am waiting to go on sale......

Even Tory Burch is getting in on the act...these are also on sale on her web site:

I love pom poms on fringe but my cats love it too.....what you think?  Thumbs up or down?


  1. Those are from years gone by, my old high school years?

    I guess you just wash and dry them like any other t shirt ?

  2. I love the fringe with the pom-poms. Where did you find it?


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