Friday, June 7, 2013

Hunter Princess Style

Someone asked me recently to define "hunter princess style" and I was not sure how to respond.  So I thought about it for a while and this what I came up with.  Do you agree with my assessment or am I way off base. I don't show nearly as much as I once did and I am not a "WEF girl" so my take may be a bit dated. So if I am off target, please correct me.....

The girls who show a lot have a certain style I think, off the horse, mostly at shows, since most of us don't see each other except at the horse shows.  It is a lifestyle, a way of living mostly outside in all types of weather, going to shows, and being on the road.

Baseball Hat or Straw Hat
When you finish riding you take off your helmet and put on another hat to  rid you of that "flat hair" look, not to mention the last thing you want 15 years from now is leather skin.  So either a nice baseball hat or a straw hat with a wide brim is appropriate. If you chose the baseball route, it should be something fashionable, might be horse-related (Devon, WIHS, Harrisburg, Capital Challenge, WEF will work) or even a nice reputable racetrack.  Other large-venue sporting events also work like the US Open, the Masters, but not football.

The straw hat should be functional, not something that would be totally ruined in the rain. We are not seeking Kentucky Derby cool but something easy to wear, not too dressy.
Jacket or Coat
Even in summer you have to be prepared for bad weather when you spend so much time outside.  Rain great is required as is a light jacket especially if you are in Vermont or Blowing Rock, the Hamptons or in upstate New York in summer.  Vests also work well for layering. Maybe a cute Vineyard Vines quarter zip sweat in a summer color like aqua.

 You have lots of choices with shirts.  The old stand-by polo shirt is perfect.  A long sleeved classic from J Crew or even Gap.  Tuck it in.  Make sure it matches your belt.  I like a collar for riding, especially if you decide to slip on boots and breeches at the last minute. Always be prepared!

Great fitting jeans are a must.  Make sure you look neat and tidy though.  No holes, washed out spots, jeans that look like they have been worn for a hundred years. Tuck your shirt in and wear a nice belt.  You can add color or even a bit of bling with your belt.

Subtle accessories are a nice touch. Wear something you can ride in.  Stud earrings, small pearls, bracelets that are not so huge but nice enough.  Elizabeth Locke jewelry is a good choice if your budget allows.

Pack a scarf to use if the weather dips, to cover the spot where your horse slimed you and you don't have time to change. 

You may or may not be in a situation to carry a handbag but I typically do.  Handbags to me are a personal choice but I think they can make or ruin an outfit much like a cheap pair of shoes paired with a nice dress.  Kate Spade makes darling bags these days, even if a bit expensive but she does have good sales. Hermes is nice if you have a trust fund.  There are plenty others out there.

I love the Rebecca Ray bags:

Shoes or Boots
I think wearing the right shoes is difficult. You have to be functional.  Let's face it you could be walking around in mud up to your ankles, this is not a place for high heels, expensive shoes you can't get wet or sandals.  A nice pair of paddock boots looks like with straight or skinny jeans.  Dansko clogs work well too but they are bit tired don't you think?  Dubarry boots work unless it's 100 degrees outside (but they are waterproof) and good Hunter Wellies are another choice.

What's in your closet?


  1. Great post!!! Made me chuckle but in a good way!!

  2. I didn't realize I was doing it! I'm not a hunter princess--not a show-hunter and not a spoiled princess either, but the look has somehow happened unintentionally in me.

  3. I have honestly never heard of hunter princess style. I know that I do enjoy a lot of the pictures and the different accessories. I would put a lot of these things in my closet. Thank you for the post.


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