Friday, June 14, 2013

Patient Patio Style

Summer has arrived here in Virginia and the landscapers also paid a visit this week between the monsoons. My patio has finally arrived!  Maybe it still needs a little weeding here and there and a good blow with the leaf blower, but the bushes are all in, the gates have been painted and voila!  It has taken awhile.  Patience pays off...

 I bought these art deco pieces about 10 years ago in West Virginia.  I had wanted to use them somewhere.  They did not initially look like this but with a good wire brush, a lot of elbow grease, four coats of paint and a good welder, voila. They are very heavy, made of iron or something similar and my guess is they are from the 20's or 30's given their weight and design.

 Truman likes it!

The rocks came from the farm and fill in a large space.  We use them a lot and sit on them, the cats like them and they become a conversation piece.

 Eventually we will have a hedge around the area:

 All those visits to the Ivy Nursery...

 This is the view from the upstairs porch which looks down on the patio and up to the east side of the farm.
 Beyond that big tree is a hay field that needs cutting badly!

 I love ivy and boxwoods.  Can you tell?

 No patio is complete without at least one Jocko.  We have two.

 Here is the view looking northwest, towards the barn and paddocks.

We have beautiful weather today here in Virginia, thank you!  Can't wait to enjoy the patio this evening. Happy Friday!

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  1. How lovely and peaceful. I like the hay field's looks, you obviously have had plenty of rain!


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