Friday, November 21, 2014

Chantilly Equestrian Plates

I'm in love with these plates (so what else is new).  You can buy them here.

The Caspari store blog, used them for a recent bachelor's party here in the Virginia Hunt Country.  If you have not seen the blog, you should read it. See it here.  And if in Charlottesville, go to the store on the downtown mall, it's divine!  The other one is in Paris.

The plates are French, of course. 

French Faience Tableware
The Faiencerie de Niderviller was founded in 1735 by Mathias Lesprit. In 1748 the baron Jean Louis de Beyerle purchased the domain and it began to thrive with his enthusiasm and ambition. He surrounded himself with renowned artists and expert chemists to create a luxurious faience (tin-glazed earthenware) intended for the aristocracy, the dignitaries of the church and the rich bourgeoisie.
After the death of King Stanislas of Lorraine in 1766, the baron of Beyerle was forced to sell the Faienceier to Adam Philippe, Comte of Custine. A man of taste, an entrepreneur and an innovator. The Comte was, unfortunately, guillotined during the French Revolution. It was Lanfrey who saved the factory when it was to be sold as national property. From then on, Lanfrey gave a free rein to his creative genius, definitively mar king his place in the art and history of faience in the Lorraine region.
Chantilly by Niderviller is a handsome equestrian motif collection. The ecru background and octagonal shape of the plates makes this dinnerware quite distinguished and unique. A striking table setting or accent piece for the home or office. Hand-decorated, dishwasher and microwave safe. Made in France.

 Happy Friday!

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