Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Perfect Place Settings

I'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner this year in a few weeks, so I've been thinking about how I want my table to look this year.  My dilemma is that my dining room has pale pink walls so using orange is a tough task, all those lovely autumn colors, don't do so well in there. But I'm thinking. Don't know about you but I love the challenge of setting a beautiful table.  I have a large wood table, very formal and I don't use a table cloth (that baby would have to be huge) so I like formal place mats, linen. Love this look below, this is Tinsley Mortimer's table.

 I adore these mats with the monogram.  The clear flatware looks great with this, would never have picked that out.

 You've seen this from Southern Living, I love this look. 

 More monogrammed place mats:

 These placemats I also love, 30% off right now at Horchow:

 I've been thinking about these napkins for many months. 

The wonderful napkins are from a store in Dallas that many have blogged about before:

Here's a link to an interview with one of the owners about monogramming today. Would love to see this inside, but the great monogrammed napkins can be found here.

I'll take photos of my table once it's all conceived.  Entertain in style today and everyday.

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  1. I want to go to your house for Thanksgiving! The settings all look lovely!


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