Thursday, November 20, 2014

Paper Whites

Christmas is synonomous with paper whites in my book.  I buy bulbs every year around Thanksgiving and have them in the house usually until early to mid-January. No need to buy a kit, you can do it yourself and this makes a great gift too!

If you don't have a nursery that sells the bulbs for about $1 each, you can order them here online.

I use the same dish every year, a square glass one that I picked up at Walmart for less than $10.  Something like this will work although the sides are a bit higher than I would prefer, but you get the idea:

You need to add rocks to the vase to keep the bulbs in place. Walmart, Target, Michaels, all will have them, or a good garden store like Ivy Nursery here in Virginia.

Add the rocks, the bulbs, water, wait a few days, your bulbs will start to bloom. 

Throw in a lovely gold ribbon to tie your plants when they get too tall! Love them! They are a part of my Christmas every year!


  1. I just planted the first of many pots of paper whites today. I also do hyacinth, tulips, grape hyacinth and lily of the valley, staggering their plantings so that I always have something in bloom during the cold, grey days of winter. I also have started to cover the dirt with wine or champagne corks. That has required some planning to have a sufficient amount, a tough job having to drink wine :) Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Having worked in a greenhouse where we grew vast amounts of these I learned that if you add a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to a gallon of water, to water them with, it makes the stems grow sturdier....


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