Sunday, November 2, 2014

That Grace Kelly Style

Timeless style is hard to come by these days.  In my mind, Grace Kelly is the style icon.  There's no one today, sadly, who even comes close to her style in my opinion other than maybe some members of European royalty and we won't go there today (and I am not talking about Kate, although Diana had real style).  What was it that Grace had that has gone by the wayside?

Sure, her movie star looks didn't hurt and her unlimited pocketbook to buy the best once she moved to Monaco are nice to have, but you don't have to have those two things to be stylish.  You can do it right here in America, for sure. 

The "less is more" attitude helps a lot.  You never saw her "overdone" did you?  I despise what we seem to like now - the Kim Kardashian trashcan look. It's just vulgar.  No other word suits that I can print. Why is that attractive in any way?  What happened to being a lady?  Have we become so overly politically correct so that trying to act like a lady is a bad thing?  Yes, I think so.

So how do you do it?  How to get that "look" for less than a few thousand bucks?  And you know what, it's not a bad thing to want to look good. 

1) Pants
Plain pants, cigarette style.  Being thin helps pull this off.  These are J Crew, the Paley Pant, one of my favorites. A dress will do too, but very plain, simple. Good fabrics.

2) Scarf
A nice scarf.  Hermes, Gucci, knock-off.  All work.

3) Glasses
The right glasses.  These are from Karen Walker.  Adds mystery, sophistication, not to mention allows you to see, hides those bags or wrinkles and keeps the sun at bay.

4) Handbag
The right handbag.  This is Kate Spade. You can't skimp here. Cheap is just cheap.  Splurge.  Ask Santa to visit Kate or Gucci or Hermes or Prada.  Buy second hand.

5) Shoes
The right shoes. See number 4 above.

6) Shirt
A cardigan or turtleneck or simple shirt. A white blouse from Gap or J Crew.  This can cost under $50.

7) Accessories
Some accessories like simple earrings, studs, gloves if the weather allows.  Small touches, nothing overdone and less is certainly more.

Have a stylish Sunday.

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