Wednesday, November 12, 2014

J Crew for the Holidays

Christmas planning for me is coming much earlier than usual as I am having my last surgery in early December and will be one-armed for much of the month.  So I have been anxiously awaiting the J Crew rollout for the holiday, although I have been told there is a second one coming in a few more weeks.  As a loyal J Crew shopper for many years I've been disappointed lately in the slouchy look that seems to be the rage. I will never like it. But I am loving some of the new pieces and these are sure to sell out quickly. Here are some of my picks. 

This dress is one of my favorites.  It comes in black too.

Add this to the dress above:

 These are adorable:
 I love the skirt but definitely not with the sweater.  A cute black turtleneck, tights, flats....

Vest is a winner. Wish it were black and red though, not navy.

These are great for the holidays with my black leopard loafers.

Shop till you drop!

1 comment:

  1. I so agree on J.Crew this season! Sweats will never be dressy, I don't care how many rhinestones are affixed to them!


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