Friday, November 14, 2014

Saddle Lockers

For the person who has everything or for ultra organized barn owner, rider or trainer on the go, Saddle Lockers has produced a stylish but functional way to organize all that tack.  And you can order one in everyone's favorite Baker Plaid.

The ever-popular and classic 5/A Baker® Plaid adorns the front of this gorgeous mobile tack trunk! The International Tack Trunk is the most efficient and popular option for those who show frequently and own multiple horses. Its generous size allows you to transport your tack and equipment with ease. The Baker® Plaid International SaddleLocker helps keep all of your tack organized and safe, taking away the distraction of searching for items and enabling horse and rider to perform at their very best. The premier functional tack trunk for the equestrian professional!

 For more information you can go here.  TGIF!

1 comment:

  1. Being a cheapskate DIY'er I bought an old entertainment armoire, and it's in the garage waiting to be transformed into my own tack armoire- 2 saddle racks, bridle brackets, bells... whistles....
    Cause 6+ years after retiring him, and now 6 months after putting him down, I can not bear to part with my horses' stuff...


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