Thursday, November 13, 2014

O So Foxy Needlepoint

I came across new needlepoint recently, a set of four foxes, one for each season, that I must add to my needlepoint stash. I have no idea where they should go, possibly pillows but take a look:

This is winter. Each one comes with a guide which selects the threads for you.  Love it when you add some texture like velvet.  This is so cute. 
 This is fall:



I have always loved this from Birds of a Feather but have never been able to figure out where it would go. It is very large.

 And lastly the fox rug that I stitched and now proudly adorns my guest bathroom.

Enjoy your Thursday. Stay warm! 


  1. Love those seasonal foxes! I'd love a post sometime about what to turn traditional square/rectangular needlepoint projects into besides pillows... if you have any ideas :)

  2. Handbags, tote bags, stand ups....

  3. Those foxes are so sensational! Make me think of Middleburg and Sweet Briar... :)

    By the way, your rug? Absolutely gorgeous. You are so talented!

  4. The rug, the riding pinks with crop, the oak cluster pillow, the three heds...foxhound, fox and horse...who were the designers...maybe Liz? Fabulous all...I look forward to your blog...puts a little elegance in my day.

  5. Do you know where can I find the fox with the red jacket? I just love him!! And I love your blog!!

    The Glam Pad


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