Tuesday, November 11, 2014

New Needlepoint Rugs

On the cusp of winter, now's the time to find those projects to work on while hubby watches football.  A needlepoint rug is just the thing to take you through to spring, maybe for a year, or two, or three.  I am loving these from Elizabeth Turner.  She designs these and sells them out of M's Canvas House in Lexington, KY but any needlepoint store can order these for you.  And remember, you can change the colors, the background, even the stripe on this rug below can be changed. And that center is just asking for a monogram.  I finished a similar rug in 2012, added a monogram and you can see it here.  It was so worth the time and effort, an heirloom for sure.  And I love it.

This one is so chic and fun. It comes in several colors but this is my favorite.

A fun, whimsical one.  I love rabbits.

Pretty isn't it?   Screams bedroom to me.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. Love that horse rug. I need to finish my belt, and then would like to tackle doing a custom belt and then who knows! Something about the wool rugs just look great though.


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